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Paxtang Cemetery is proud to announce the first green burial grounds in Central Pennsylvania called "The Wood's Edge."  Come visit the dedicated 12 acres and walk, hike or bike the 1.5 miles of trail beneath the canopy of the woods. On top of every burial the native forest is planted which could include trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground cover. Enjoy the physical and metal health benefits of spending times in the woods... (Learn More)
   Monuments are designed to hold forever in sacred memory the name it bears. No matter what kind of tribute you want to create, we can 
help ...every life deserves a memorial.  
   A permanent tribute to a life lived ties us to the past and gives us the springboard to our future.  If we can help you create a meaningful tribute for yourself or a loved one, please let us know.  It would be our priviledge to serve you.
   Paxtang Cemetery has been erecting memorials, both granite and bronze, for well over 100 years. Our memorials are made of the finest quality granite (from all over the world) or bronze free from defects and the top quality memorial which you desire. 
   Tell us your story and allow us to create a custom monument that will speak for you for generations to come.

Cremation of the body is step one of a two step process.  The second part is deciding what to do with your loved ones body after cremation.  We offer many unique and customizeable options from becoming part of our forest in our green burial grounds,  to dedication of a water feature, statue, or stone wall, to being placed in a park bench, columbarium, ossuary, private niche estates, or indoor mausoleum all available on the premises of Paxtang Cemetery.  Permanency is key to our offering.  While development is rampant and our farmland, golf courses and parks disappear Paxtang Cemetery still stands after 120 year of service and offers not only a final place of rest but one of the few remaining green spaces to hike, bike and area to enjoy nature and observe its wildlife in our community. So why not honor the "rock" in your life with a  solid location to pay tribute for years to come...  (Learn more)
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